How To Use Stayve Seanergy Peel

How To Use Stayve Seanergy Peel

Seanergy Peel can be used as a treatment that uses a "spicule" where the "spicule" is a piercing particle derived from the calcium of corals from the deep ocean. During the treatment these micro particles will be absorbed into the skin cell layer for 36 to 48 hours.

The purpose of using this Seanergy Peel is to:

  • Repair acne prone skin

  • Restore flaky skin

  • Remove visible skin pigments

  • Shrink open skin pores

Before starting treatment, please be sure to read the notes below:

How to Mix Powder and Liquid Seanergy

Seanergy Peel consists of powder and liquid ampoules. These ampoules are segregated so that you can make a solution that suits your client’s skin or the type of treatment you want to give. Please refer to the chart below to get an idea of the appropriate dosage depending on the needs and skin condition of the client:




Skin Type & Usage

  • For the first timer

  • For thin skin

  • For all skin types

  • For first timer or a second treatment

  • For skin dull and sensitive

  • For light exfoliation

  • For problematic skin

  • For professional use

  • For severe skin scars


Face - 0.25g

Face - 0.5g

Face - 1g


Dosage 4ml



Treat Schedule

Every 1 week

Every 2-3 weeks

Every 4 -6 weeks

Treatments on other parts of the body are also possible. The following are the minimum amount of Seanergy powder to be mixed:

  1. Arm (one side) : 1g

  2. Chest : 2g

  3. Back : 3g

  4. Leg (one side) : 2g


  • Sunscreen must be worn if going outdoors and exposed to sunlight. Pigmentations and freckles will occur if not protected with sunscreen

  • .Keep hands clean during and after treatment.

  • The tingling sensation when the skin is touched is normal, especially after immediate treatment.

  • May feel itchy after treatment

  • Avoid exfoliating materials such as scrubs, AHA, BHA etc.

  • Avoid sweaty activities such as gym, sauna or foods that can cause sweating

  • Avoid cosmetic products that have whitening or anti-wrinkles such as retinol

  • Individuals with very thin skin should avoid peeling treatments

Treatment Steps Using Seanergy Peel

  1. Cleanse with Cleanser

    01 Stayve Seanergy Cleasing.png

    Cleanse the facial skin using Stayve Mild Cleansing Milk or any cleanser that can cleanse the facial skin and remove external objects such as makeup and so on.

    Before starting cleaning, be sure to use gloves or if using hands, make sure your hands are sanitized.

    Apply the cleanser liquid to the entire surface of the facial skin, interspersed with massage if necessary.

  2. Clean All Cleanser Remains

    02 Stayve Seanergy Remove.png

    Then wipe with a soft disposable sponge to remove all cleanser remnants. Use two soft sponges by holding both and wipe the entire surface of the face from the forehead to the nape of the neck.

    Repeat the cleaning process using a new sponge 3 times as much as possible.

  3. Apply Numbing Cream

    03 Stayve Seanergy Numb Cream.png

    Squeeze and place the cream on the facial zones on the forehead, both cheeks, nose and chin.

    Then, spread the patches of creams so that they cover the entire surface of the facial skin. Avoid rubbing on thin areas of skin such as the eyes, lips and neck.

  4. Ensuring the Effects of Numbness and Anesthesia

    04 Stayve Seanergy Cover Eyes.png
    05 Stayve Seanergy Wrap.png

    Protect the eyes and lips by using a cotton wipe and wrap the face with a plastic mask.

    This technique will ensure that the anesthetic effect of the numbing cream will be effective and to reduce sensitivity and pain during the peeling process using Seanergy later.

    Make sure there are no air bubbles while wrapping to maximize the effectiveness of the numbing cream.

    Wait for 15-20 minutes for the numbness to occur. Remove the mask and cotton.

  5. Clean the Numb Cream

    06 Stayve Seanergy Clean Cream.png

    Using a spatula, rub and clean the remnants of the cream from the surface of the facial skin. Be careful that the remnants of the cream do not get into the eyes and mouth.

    Then wipe with a damp sponge to make sure no cream residue is left.

    07 Stayve Seanergy Clean Cream Sponge.png
    08 Stayve Seanergy Clean Cream Towel.png

    Prepare a damp, warm face towel, and then place it over the face starting from the chin to the forehead without covering the client’s nose.

    Gently press the towel on each part of the face. Gentle massages can also be followed along.

    Take off the towel.

  6. Apply Seanergy Mixture

    09 Stayve Seanergy Apply Mixture.png

    Before that, make sure that the mixture of Seanergy Peeling powder and liquid is suitable for the needs or skin condition of your client. Please refer to the table above to ensure that the proportions are accurate.

    Prepare the mixture in a suitable, small glass bowl. Dip the mixture with your two fingers and apply to the face.

    Follow the sequence of strokes starting from the cheeks, forehead and then the nose.

    Repeat the mixture until the mixture is finished. Notice that the swab turns green after being repeatedly swept until the Seanergy Peel mixture is used up.

    11 Stayve Seanergy Apply Solution 2.png

    Continue the massage on the face with a circular motion on each surface of the facial skin to even out the previous stroke. Then press gently using the palms or fingers (whichever is appropriate) on the rubbed part. Repeat this process for 2 to 3 times.

  7. Clean the Peeling Solution Sweep

    12 Stayve Seanergy Clean Solution.png

    Using a disposable cotton swab, clean the swab outwards again. Clean with a very gentle swipe, not too hard. This is because to avoid the effect of "micro-particles" are reduced.

    Customers may feel a tingling sensation on the face. This is normal.

  8. Final Care

    13 Stayve Seanergy After Care.png

    Put a cotton gauze on the eyes and put a mask sheet to soothe and moisturize the skin that is inflamed due to the effects of Seanergy Peel earlier.

    It is highly recommended to place an "ice cold gel mask" on the mask sheet to soothe and soothe the facial skin.

    14 Stayve Seanergy After Care Ice Cold Mask.png

    To further moisturize the facial skin, apply the appropriate cream to the entire facial skin.

    After treatment, facial skin will become sensitive to sunlight and UV rays. Therefore it should be applied with sunscreen or "sunscreen". Apply evenly all over the face and press lightly to flatten it.

Effects After Seanergy Peel Treatment Immediate

  • Effects After Treatment

    • Skin turns red

    • Stinging sensations

    • Expected to last in 24 to 36 hours but will subside within that time

  • After 2-3 days

    • Stinging will decrease and slightly dry

    • Skin will become slightly darker and dead skin cells will gradually appear

    • Use hypoallergenic cleanser to clean

    • Do not use wet tissues, soap or other exfoliating products or those that use pellets/grains

  • After 4-5 days

    • Skin will feel drier

    • Dead skin cells will be more visible overall

    • Do not forcibly pull out the dead skin cells, just let them all fall off naturally and use moisturizer

    • Acne may appear after the dead skin cells gradually fall out

    • Do not touch with unclean hands

  • After 1 week

    • All dead skin cells will fall out all

    • New skin cells will appear and the texture of the facial skin will be smoother and smoother

16 Stayve Seanergy Before.png

17 Stayve Seanergy After.png

Follow-up Treatments

Schedule the next treatment depending on the strength of the Seanergy Peel mixture that has been used. The more concentrated the mixture, the stronger the effect.

The duration of the next treatment should depend on the concentration of the mixture. The more concentrated the mixture, the longer the skin takes to recover. Please refer to the treatment schedule above.

The effectiveness of this Seanergy Peel depends on how often it is made but care must be taken to the strength of the mixture made. If the mixture is mild or mild, it is more effective if treated more than once.

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